Invoice Creator

Getting Started with Invoice Creator

  1. Click "System Settings" to open the System Settings page.
  2. Click "Kintone Authentication Settings" to enter your Kintone authentication details.
    If you change your password in Kintone, you will need to
    re-enter your authentication information again.
  3. Click "Connect Kintone App" to connect your Kintone app to Invoice Creator.
  4. Enter the URL of your Kintone app and give it a name that you can remember it by.
    If you want to output several PDF invoices from a list of records, select the "Allow batch PDF output" check box.
  5. Click "Add Layout" to set up the PDF output.
  6. Select the PDF file you want to use as the background.
  7. Allocate record fields in the layout.
  8. When you are done, click "Save" to save your layout, and click "Preview" to preview your saved layout.
  9. When you open the record details in your Kintone app, you will find the "Output" button at the top.
    If you have some layouts, you can select a layout to output your invoice.
  10. If you have selected the "Allow batch PDF output" check box in step 4, you will also find the "Output" button at the top of the record list.
    You can output up to 500 invoices at a time.